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Rent first

The Rent first price is per month, and you will need to make the purchase to pay for the first month. Our rent first option has no obligation for you to continue the service beyond 1 month. You will also have the option any time later to purchase your number for the buy now price, as long as your account is kept in good standing. The Rent first option gives you the right to use the number and to purhcase it, but you will not be able to transfer the number until you purchase it. The Rent first option, at $29.99 per month is $10.00 more expenseive per month for line rental until you purchase the number, but can save you the $150.00 cost to buy a number. 


Buy now

The buy now option gives you the right to immediately transfer your number to a different service provider, as soon as your paperwork has been provided. The purhcase price includes the first month of service provided by us. The buy now option gives you the right to transfer your number immedaitely, but only includes one month of service provision. If you purchase your number but sitll keep it with us after the first month, you will be charged $9.99 line rental per month for dormant numbers, or $19.99 per month for auto-forwarding or call answering, for as long as you want to keep the number.


Ongoing services and charges

Your purchase will include line rental for the first month of service from the activation date. Unless you have transferred your number to a different service, you will have to pay a line rental fee per month of $9.99 to $29.99 to keep the number after the first month ($9.99 per month to keep any number dormant, $19.99 per month if you have purchased your number using the buy now option, or $29.99 per month if you have chosen the Rent first option - you may purchase your Rent first number at a later date at the buy it now price). The details of your new number will be confirmed within 24 hours of your order and auto-call-forwarding to any number of your choice (domestic or international) or call answering by us can commence within 7 working days of your purhcase. Call forwarding or answering options can be changed any time by calling or emailing us.

Manhattan 212 business telephone number

Add prepay credit for automatic call forwarding
Incoming call setting (can be changed any time)
Rent first or buy now
  • If you choose the rent first option and want to buy the numbe later, you can decide to puchase any time for the buy now price. If you wish to change service provider at that time, some industry standard documentation will be needed if and when you want to transfer your number to a different service provider. You can purchase your number any time and still keep your line rental and other services with us. The buy now and rent first options are both paperwork free on purchase, and for as long as you are not transferring to a different service provider.

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