FileMaker Hosting

Deciding whether to have a cloud or in-house server should depend on a balance of your organisation's resources and needs.

We encourage you to not be concerned about loosing access to your data in the case of service provider failure, or for an internal server, because for either option we can backup your services to a third party data service. Generally, you should assume that the cloud service has a lower risk of damage, fire, and theft, because data centres tend to be substantially more secure than other business premises.

FileMaker Hosting

FileMaker Hosting

Optional extras for cloud services

1. Fixed server location

Select a fixed server jurisdiction for a set fee:

- USA: Additional USD 20.00 per month

- Republic of Ireland: Additional EUR 20.00 per month

2. Encrypted database on server, and for your DropBox backups - data only accessible with a secured key

- Additional USD 65.00 / GBP 50.00 per month

3. WebDirect

- Additional USD 35.00 / GBP 25.00 per user per month

Be fully operational within 24 hours

Buy Now, provide your telephone number, and we will call you with 24 hours to complete your setup.


Your payment includes your first full month of hosting, and you will be invoiced monthly on the first calendar day of each month as long as you continue to use the service. Customers can cancel any time and will just be charged for the calendar month in which you cancel, during which time, you can continue to use the services as normal.

You can request extras at the time of purhcase or any time thereafter. For the first month of an extra service, you are only charged for the proportion of days of the month in which the service became active.

Your purchase is guaranteed - receive a full refund if you are not fully satisfied and request cancellation within 7 days of purhcase.

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