The simplest email to SMS service available

Start sending globally within 15 minutes

Number automatically allocated to your checkout email address

Receipt sent for every SMS sent and received

No tools, installation, or configuration required

How to send an SMS by email using our service

  1. Open a new email in any way you normally do, from your own account.

  2. Enter the number you want to send an SMS to (with the country code), followed by, in the to box.

  3. Use any subject you want for internal reference (this will not be sent to the receiver).

  4. Type the message content that you want sent to the receiver. All text content in the body of your email will be sent to the recipient's number as an SMS.

  5. Press send.

  6. If you have sufficient credit, your message will be sent to the recipient, and you will be emailed a receipt for the message. Charges will be deducted from your pre-pay only account.

  7. If the recipient chooses to reply, you will automatically receive their response and telephone number by email.


Frequently asked questions

Can I start using the service instantly?

Yes, as soon as we email you order and phone number confirmation, you will be able to send and receive SMS messages by email. Confirmation is normally sent within 15 minutes, or sooner. We will contact you by email if there are any problems with your order.

Can I use this service in my country?

Yes, probably. We have numbers instantly available for more than 100 countries. You can choose a number in your own country or a different country.

How can I start using the service? And what is the minimum cost?

You can start using the service within 15 minutes of completing your order, with the amount of credit that you purchase.

What do I need to order and start using the service?

  1. An email address.

  2. A payment method for check out (we do not store card details and will only take payments when you explicitly place an order on our site, including for top ups). We also allow checkout by PayPal.

  3. Select a country that you would like to use for your number. This is the number that will appear to receivers of your text messages sent by email. And it is the number others can use to send you SMS that you will receive by email.

  4. You can place your order for an instant number and account here.

What are the costs?

Please go to check out for the particular country you want your number from to see relevant charges.

Your credit will be deducted monthly for the provision of your number.

Your account credit will also be used for sending an receiving SMS.


If you have insufficient credit, or if charges will differ, you will be sent an email to request your agreement to the charges or to request that you top up your account.

If you have insufficient credit in your account to pay for the monthly number charges, your number may be cancelled after a 30 day notice by email from us.

How do I choose my telephone number?

We will automatically allocate you a number from the country of your choice. Normally we will allocate a number from the capital city of the country you choose, or use a national number. If you have a number preference, please contact us.

How do I choose my email address?

Your number will automatically be allocated to the email address you use in the purchase process. To change the email address you can use to send or receive SMS for your number, please contact us after purchase.

How do I top up my account?

Any time, online, right here.

I have other questions

Please email us at

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