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Bookkeeping and accounting per page. £2.50

Includes receiving by mail and scanning, or email, bookkeeping, thorough information entry including contact details, tax management, support, and accounting entries.

Annual accounts completion (an audit is separate, and would be performed by a third party, if your company needs one). From £250.00

Annual accounts/tax filing (per person and per company) From £99.99

Annual return / Confirmation statement (private firm). £99.99 per individual member/director/company secretary

VAT return (quarterly or annual option). £99.99 per filing

Company secretary service. From £19.99 per month

Central London address service (per individual or company name). £19.99 per month

Hong Kong address service (individual). HK$199 per month

United Kingdom company registration. From £299.99

Hong Kong company registration. From £4,999.99

Singapore company registration. From £4,999.99

Phone line. From £9.99 per month

More than 70 countries available. SMS can be received and redirected to your number.

Automatic call forwarding. Free, except for call charges.

Just pay for the call charges (rates are highly competitive and available on request.

Change your forwarding number any time by email confirmation.

Generic call answering 24/7. £3.50 per call

Dedicated call answering . Additional £149.99 per month 

Domain. From £1.99 per month

DNS management, including connection of your domain to your email address. From £1.99 per month

Email setup fee for email with own domain. £99 per domain.

Provided by gmail, including IMAP, web browser, and phone apps. Includes connection to your own domain.

Please note that support (including 24/7 phone support) is provided by google only, not Wu Pacific.

You will be required to pay separately for your email accounts - directly to the service provider.

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